30 Of The Worst And Funniest Beach Fails Shared For Jimmy Fallon’s Challenge

Summertime means chilling at the beach, eating mountains of ice cream and getting gorgeously tanned. Unfortunately, some people found out that suntan lotion has a few side effects as well. Mostly, bad luck and awkward situations.

Jimmy Fallon, the host of the popular The Tonight Show, asked his viewers to share their biggest, baddest beach blunders. “It’s Hashtags time! Tag a tweet with #BeachFail and then tell us about a funny or weird thing that happened to you at the beach. Could be on the show!” he tweeted. Check out this list of the funniest tweets, keep scrolling, upvote your favorites and leave a comment about why you liked them. If you still crave some more amazing challenges, check out our other posts about Fallon here, here, and here.

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