This Doctor Gets A Ph.D. After 6 Long Years Of Studying, Decides To Have A Newborn Photoshoot With Her Dissertation

As per usual with the start of every school season, the Internet gets flooded with rambles of students that are not really that excited about the ending of their summer holiday. But every dark cloud has its silver lining as well and in this case, we sure can count the joyous post-graduation announcements as such. It’s always lovely to see someone achieve greatness at school and we already had some appraisal for that here at Bored Panda. But this woman really thought outside the box and took her graduation announcement to a whole new level, leaving the rest of us mortals to eat her dust. Scroll down to see her brilliant post!

More info: Eve Humphrey

This Is Eve Humphrey

She is a biology scientist at the Department of Biological Science at Florida State University and can now proudly call herself Dr. Humphrey, Ph.D.

A Scientist From Florida who recently completed her dissertation

And after long years of working on it came up with a brilliant idea

After 6 years of sleepless nights, constant anxiety, gaining a bit of weight and all kinds of other mishappenings, she finally completed her thesis titled ‘Stress response and coloration as mediators of behavioral and physiological variation’ at her alma mater and decided that there was no better way to celebrate her new achievement than by getting a newborn photoshoot with this baby of hers.

Of having a newborn photoshoot with it

Saying that after all, it did feel like 6 years of labor

This doesn’t only mean that she finally got through her studies with pure excellence but also opened up a new career opportunity for herself. It sure is a research degree but people awarded with an academic degree of a doctor means that a person is qualified to teach at university level.

The Internet loved her idea and was quick to congratulate the newly made Doctor

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