Chonky Cat Goes Viral For Being Annoyed By Underwater Workout

A fat cat named Cinderblock recently went viral for her lack of enthusiasm for working out. On October 19, Northshore Veterinary Hospital in Bellingham, Washington shared a video of an extremely cute but morbidly obese cat using one paw to move on a treadmill, which is a part of her weight loss regimen. The video instantly became insanely popular, with over 10 million views and almost 500k people liking it on Twitter.

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Meet Cinderblock – a very large cat that’s not very keen on exercising

Image credits: NorthshoreVet

As Cinderblock is struggling with her weight, the chonky feline was taken to a vet and placed on a weight reduction program. The program includes an underwater treadmill, but this kitty used the least amount of effort to exercise.

She recently went viral for putting the least amount of effort into moving on a treadmill

Image credits: NorthshoreVet

Since the first video of Cinderblock was posted, the gray feline has become an internet celebrity. Since then, the veterinary hospital has periodically updated people on Cinderblock’s progress. Thousands of people loved the hilarious first video in which Cinderblock is seen sitting on the edge of the treadmill and using just one paw to move it. “You working out?” a veterinarian can be heard asking in the background of the video.

And “cheating’ on her weekly weight check

Image credits: NorthshoreVet

“Maybe Cinderblock can be an inspiration for us all to get in a little better shape,” an internet user under the username Bladelink wondered.

Cinderblock has since become an internet celebrity

Image credits: northshore_vet

“This fabulous feline is obese, and it is affecting her quality of life. We are helping her achieve weight loss through a prescription diet and exercise. She is not on board with the exercise,” the video was captioned.

And numerous people are following the updates on her weight loss journey

Image credits: northshore_vet

The caption below the video said: “By scattering the kibble, we encouraged her to move around the room. This does also increase her exercise albeit not dramatically. Every little bit helps.”

“Cinder on the move!”

Image credits: northshore_vet

And we are all rooting for her

Image credits: NorthshoreVet

Many were cheering her up – “In this house, we cheer on Cinderblock, you got this [baby], do that workout.” Another commented: “Cinderblock has inspired me to be my best self. We shall get into shape together, one minute, one moment, one day at a time.” Many people also found Cinderblock’s lack of enthusiasm relatable.

Here’s how people online reacted

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