A Tribute Video For My Beloved Dog Who Lost Her Battle With Cancer

Losing a dog is hard. That’s an understatement. Dogs are family and friends all rolled into one fluffy body. And those out there who have ever had a pup know just how hard it is to say goodbye to a beloved member of the family. No words could ever describe the pain in our hearts. And no words are ever enough to describe just how much we are going to miss them.

Since words are just not enough, I created this video of my beloved pup, Harper, a eulogy of sorts, who lost her battle to cancer at 8 years old. This November 3rd marks 4 years since her passing. I come back to this video often to reflect and revisit what an impact she had on me as a person. It’s funny how animals can do that. Without words.

My goal with this video was to see one more dog rescued in Harper’s memory. If you go on to read the comments below the video, it did just that (and then some)! When it started to be shared around the world soon after her passing, I promised myself I will share this video each year on the anniversary of her death in hopes that one more person will be inspired to rescue a pup in Harper’s honor.

One user comments below the video: “I came across your video randomly and it warmed my heart and also helped me decide to adopt a new family member. I was contemplating on adopting this one darling, who I met two weeks ago in the shelter. She looks a lot like Harper, and that is why I had to watch your video instead of passing it by. And the moment I watched your video I made my final decision. Thank you.”

Incredible! Please consider rescuing. It may end up being the best decision you’ve ever made!

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Caught in the rain

Harper and her favorite ball

Report card

Dear Harper…

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