Police Officers Investigate A Krispy Kreme Truck That Spilled Donuts All Over The Road, Crack People Up With Their Hilarious Report


Oh, that heart-clenching moment of dropping when you drop a piece of your favorite food on the floor! You drop to the floor yourself, trying desperately to pick it up as quickly as possible only to save it from those nasty germs. And yes sure, you’re fully aware that your efforts are bottom line pointless as there’s probably not a huge difference whether you pick it up in 5 seconds or in 6. And yes, sure you’re aware the 5-second rule is nonsense but still crumble to the floor in an instance. But not all people are fortunate enough to spill their food on their own floor. this Police Department in Brookhaven got a call about a bunch of donuts spilled everywhere on the street and, to everyone’s surprise, rushed to the scene at once!

BPV received a call notifying about a major donut spill in the area and just couldn’t stand aside

But the officers that rushed to the scene to no avail

Image credits: BrookhavenPD

The donuts that spilled from Krispy Kreme delivery truck couldn’t be salvaged

Image credits: BrookhavenPD

While the waste of so many delicious pastries definitely left a lot of people deeply saddened

Image credits: BrookhavenPD

Their hilarious report cracked everyone up

Image credits: BrookhavenPD

But apparently not all was lost then, as a friendly DP sent them a batch of ‘sympathy donuts’

Talk about helping a friend in need!

Image credits: BrookhavenPD

People loved the humorous report


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