The Internet Fell In Love With This Shelter Cat That’s Named After A Breakfast Sandwich

Pets make our lives at least 99% better and that’s a scientific fact (just don’t bother looking for a source, you already know it’s true if you have a furry friend at home). In all seriousness though, scientific studies have shown that having a four-legged friend can lower one’s stress, decrease blood pressure and even cholesterol levels.

However, the bond between a pet and its human is not only based on one-sided benefits – by welcoming a furry buddy into your life, you can contribute to its health and happiness as well. If you have taken in a pet dog or a cat from a shelter, you’ve probably witnessed their everlasting gratitude and love towards you. That’s what happened to Sarah – a pharmacy student – who came to a shelter looking for a friend. She was met by a skinny cat named Jimmy Dean and instantly fell in love. Scroll down below to read Sarah’s post and maybe you will, too.

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This young woman shared a wholesome story on how she adopted an adorable cat named Jimmy Dean

“So I went to go look at some cats today at a shelter and there was a little skinny cat named Jimmy Dean (like the breakfast sandwiches) and he was purring and sitting on my lap and I asked the volunteer what the adoption process was like and she explained it and then said, “Hear that, Jimmy Dean, you might have a home for Christmas!” Sarah posted on her Tumblr blog. Little did she expect that her post about an adopted cat would soon go viral, with people enquiring about Jimmy Dean and his well-being.

Tumblr users felt like they needed an update on the life of Jimmy Dean and wrote that they need “updates on the boy! Is he okay? Is he happy? Is he being spoiled?” Sarah soon responded to the request, saying that Jimmy Dean is, in fact, being spoiled. Even more so, the happy duo is soon to be celebrating their first year together! “He’s a smelly little jerk but I love him with all my heart,” Jimmy Dean’s owner Sarah added.

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