“Your Kid Is Naked In Your Window:” Neighbor Texts Mom A Pic Of Her 2-Year-Old, And Their Exchange Is Hilarious


Toddlers are one of the most curious explorers out there. Moreover, their adventures not only broaden their worldview but often put a wide smile on everyone around them. And 2-year-old Dax is excellent proof of that.

Recently, the little rascal decided to take a look outside. Which doesn’t sound like much of anything, right? However, that’s until you hear the rest of it. Dax did it naked. Standing just inches away from the window. At the moment, his mom Jeni was taking a quick shower and didn’t know what he was up to. But (luckily) their neighbor spotted Dax and informed Jeni about what was happening with what has to be the funniest text of 2020 so far.

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“I am good friends with my neighbor Laura who sent me the messages,” Jeni told Bored Panda “She knows my kids well and is also a mom”

Image credits: Annie B Photography / Jeni Boysen

A funny little tidbit is Dax was actually waving at the neighbors when he first saw them. They just didn’t capture that in the picture!

“Also, when I jumped into the shower … Dax was sitting on my bed watching Pappa,” Jeni explained. “When I got out 5 minutes later, he was back on the bed! I would have never known!”

Image credits: Jeni Boysen

After her post blew up, Jeni showed the viral pics to the star himself. But the 2-year-old wasn’t that interested. “He just said ‘That’s Dax.’ [I think] he doesn’t fully understand how big everything has gotten.”

And I don’t blame him. Who has time for such trivial things when they’re busy planning their next stunt?!

Image credits: Annie B Photography / Jeni Boysen

Jeni said Dax’s current personality is just wild. “He is on the go all the time!”

Image credits: Jeni Boysen

Image credits: Annie B Photography / Jeni Boysen

Image credits: Jeni Boysen

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