24 Funny Doodles This Artist Drew During Meetings They Didn’t Need To Be At

If you’ve ever been forced to go to an unnecessary and completely avoidable meeting, then you know that doodling can be the savior of sanity and protector against boredom. One person who believes this 100% is artist BeastFlaps whose funny, cute, and wholesome doodles are brightening up our week.

Check out the artist’s meeting doodles, upvote your faves, and scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with BeastFlaps! When you’re done enjoying this list, check out BeastFlaps’ post about funny grumpy animals. And be sure to visit the artist’s social media accounts for their newest content!

Do you doodle during meetings, dear Pandas? What’s your opinion about too many meetings at offices? Share your thoughts (and your doodles!) in the comments below.

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