These Dolphins Have Lost Their Minds With Excitement At The Sight Of A Sloth


It might seem that this period of self-isolation and quarantine due to the novel coronavirus brings mostly grim news. And while that might be true for some humans, nature and animals are most likely not complaining as they get to enjoy a little bit more freedom, especially those who are usually confined to their enclosures in the zoo.

Shedd Aquarium in Chicago recently took their penguins on an adorable field trip, letting them meet the other animals living there. We also had news about orangutans in Pairi Daiza Zoo in Belgium befriending an otter family. And while that sounds like a really unlikely friendship, wait until you read about these dolphins completely losing it at the sight of a sloth!

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If you ever had a competition for the unlikeliest friendship on Earth, dolphins and a sloth would definitely qualify

Image credits: TXStateAquarium

Even though quarantine is definitely not the greatest thing that happened to us this year (yes, yes, introverts might disagree), animals living at zoos are most likely not complaining. A little break from seeing humans every day – check; tiny adorable trips around the zoo that otherwise would probably never be possible – check.

However, dolphins at the Texas Aquarium completely lost it at the sight of a sloth

Image credits: TXStateAquarium

Despite the Aquarium closing its doors to humans, it seems that more doors than usual are being opened to the animals

Image credits: TXStateAquarium

And while sloths may not be the most excitable animals on earth, dolphins certainly are. Maybe that’s why Texas State Aquarium decided that letting this duo meet each other was a great idea. Of course, local celebrity Chico the sloth didn’t just meet dolphins on his tour around the Gulf of Mexico exhibit but their meeting was definitely the highlight of the whole adventure.

With their temporary closing, the sleepy sloth named Chico was treated to an eye-opening adventure through the Gulf of Mexico exhibits

Image credits: TXStateAquarium

The Texas State Aquarium decided to test the waters between two dolphins and a sloth last week

Image credits: TXStateAquarium

On his trip around the Aquarium, Chico the sloth also had an opportunity to briefly say hello to some ducks before moving on to meet the seahorses. He was then carried on his favorite branch to meet up with a shark and some more friendly colorful fish. Chico seemed quite interested in jellyfish but nothing could compare to the last meeting with dolphins that was waiting for him.

And the results were beyond their expectations

Image credits: TXStateAquarium

The dolphins, generally being quite cheerful animals, were both curious and infinitely excited at the sight of a sloth

Image credits: TXStateAquarium

Even though Chico the sloth didn’t show much emotion, we’re sure he enjoyed this adventure of a lifetime as well

Image credits: TXStateAquarium

You can watch the video of Chico’s trip here:

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