Woman Leaves Her Instagram Followers In Stitches After Grooming Her Dog In Self-Isolation

Quarantine has definitely limited the way we live. With hair salons, beauty parlors, and stores closed, so many of us are left unable to take care of our looks the way we are used to. However, the bravest (or maybe the most desperate) are taking matters into their own hands. As expected, it usually doesn’t go well. However, not only do their attempts give us a good laugh, but they also teach us to appreciate the professionals who have taken extensive classes to learn the things they do.

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Recently, a woman named Hermione Olivia decided to groom her dog at home and it didn’t go well

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That’s something Hermione Olivia learned the hard way. During self-isolation, without the ability to take her adorable pomeranian named Mash to the groomer, she decided to do it herself. “Obviously we’re in lockdown so we had to take it upon ourselves to groom Mash… not expecting this outcome!!” she told Bored Panda.

Before grooming

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How hard could it be to give a dog a haircut? Well, apparently, it’s way harder than one would think. Don’t believe me? Just look at poor Mash!

After grooming

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Hermione’s attempt didn’t go well at all. “Having never groomed him before, we bought clippers and just kind of went for it… turns out the clippers were definitely not the right size and we probably shouldn’t have started around his face – whoops!”

Luckily the 13-year-old Mah’s coat is already growing back

Image credits: hermioneolivia

Her pooch was left looking like a completely different dog. Some commentators on her Instagram started comparing her puppy to an Easter bunny and a kangaroo.

“Take it from Mash and wait until the professionals are back,” Hermione wrote on Instagram

Image credits: hermioneolivia

Hermione said that this grooming attempt made her feel “extremely guilty and embarrassed” at first. However, she stays positive: “Now we’re pretty happy it’s bringing some light humour for people during these weird times”.

Image credits: hermioneolivia

While Hermione wasn’t entirely happy with the result and probably swears to never do it again, Mash is starting to look like his regular self. “His coat is already growing back and he’s looking more handsome with every day,” she told us.

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