Someone Asks People To Share The Ugliest Things They Own, Receives 30 Ghastly Replies


Far from everything we have at home is gorgeous and aesthetic. But have you ever wondered what the ugliest thing that you own is? Actor, comedian, writer, voiceover artist, and self-proclaimed wizard Guy Kelly (aka Brainmage) shared a photo of his chunky Diesel watch and then invited other Twitter users to share photos of their ugliest possessions in a viral thread.

Guy said that these things have to be so bad that nobody wants to throw them out because they know they’ll never own something as bad as this again. Brainmage’s thread got more than 1.9k likes and was retweeted 522 times.

Scroll down to have a look, dear Pandas. Remember to upvote your faves and drop us a photo of the ugliest things you own in the comments if you want to. Some of the photos that people posted are so bad (and creepy) that they’re good. (Maybe.)

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Image credits: Brainmage

Image credits: Brainmage


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