30 People Hilariously Respond To Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Quarantine A Book’ Challenge

The new hashtag challenge from Jimmy Fallon is here, and just like the one before, it’s quarantine-themed. While earlier in April, the Tonight Show host asked viewers to participate in his “Quarantine a Movie” challenge, this time, he prompted Twitter users to “take a book title and make it about the quarantine.”

From “Eat, Pray, Then Eat Again” to “50 Shades of Gray Sweatpants,” people came up with all sorts of hilarious altered book titles, making us chuckle. There was a small number of participating celebrities too, like Padma Lakshmi, who suggested “The Great Napsy,” and Jerry Blevins, who came up with “No Expectations.” So scroll down to see some of our favorite tweets, vote for the ones you liked, and share your response to the “Quarantine a Book” challenge in the comments down below!

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