These Shelter Pets Were Taken On A Field Trip To Meet Their Exotic Relatives At The Local Zoo

While so many of us were struck with boredom during quarantine, animals had a much more entertaining time. Many, stray and wild, got the chance to roam the empty streets, fish for snacks in our dumpsters completely undisturbed, or even take naps in vacant malls. But the zoo animals had the most fun. After spending years in the same facility, they finally had the chance to meet up with other residents and they had a blast hanging out together! But what about shelter animals, you may ask? Well, some shelters took them on a field trip, too!

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During the quarantine, residents of the Animal Defense League of Texas were taken on a field trip to the San Antonio Zoo

Last month, the Animal Defense League of Texas decided to take a few of its residents to the San Antonio Zoo. During this one-of-a-kind opportunity that only happened thanks to the quarantine, tiny kittens and dogs had the chance to meet up and interact with a variety of other animals such as lions, leopards, monkeys, giraffes, and other interesting creatures.

Clearly, they enjoyed themselves. The videos provided by the shelter showed pets wagging their tails at their new, unfamiliar friends.

The kittens and dogs got a one-of-a-kind chance to meet other animals such as lions, giraffes, and monkeys

Other than entertaining animals who could only interact with their carers during this strange time, both the zoo and animal shelter raised awareness for animal adoption.

The employees encourage people to adopt pets who can’t wait to go on field trips with their new owners. Click here to see how you can help Animal Defense League of Texas to keep up the good work.

The Zoo employees also took the opportunity to ask people to support them during these tough times. Click here if you’re interested in supporting them.

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