Someone ‘Teams Up’ With Real-Life Birds To Create A Huge Drawing On The Street


There are many tools and techniques for drawing. Some use pencils, some—oils, some are drawing with birds. Wait, what? Yes, we were a bit confused about it too at first, but you’ve read it correctly—there are people out there who are creating stunning drawings out of real, living birds. How, one may ask? Well, by feeding them and thus arranging them into your preferred shape, of course!

Sadly, while the video has gone viral on several social media platforms, there is no knowing who exactly is behind this impressive art. Before we find out all the details (or not, depending whether the artist wants to remain anonymous or not), scroll down below to see the stunning footage of this type of innovative drawing in action.

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This person has made an impressive drawing on the street with… birds

Image credits: unknown

The gif has circulated on various social media platforms, but received the most attention on Reddit and Imgur. Posted just a day ago on the subreddit r/next[effing]level, the footage has amassed over 66k likes.

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By feeding them, they arranged the birds into the desired shape

Image credits: unknown

One of the most intriguing things that people have noticed in the short video is the turkey. “Is that a turkey?” someone asked on Reddit after numerous people asked the same question on other social media platforms. Apparently, there really *is* a turkey in the whole assembly of birds.

Which, seemingly, is a stickman doing a “hadouken”

Image credits: unknown

People were praising the unusual street artist for their “brilliant effort” and “sick skills.” Also, many just wrote “HADOUKEN! HADOUKEN!” excitedly. Well, that’s the internet for ya.

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