There Is A Theory Going Around That An Asteroid Is Going To ‘Destroy The Earth In 4 Weeks’



Uh oh, here we go again! If you’re freaking out and deciding how to spend your life savings in the next four weeks, don’t. We’re pretty sure this is just one of those weird conspiracy theories that could only come from the deep dark depths of the internet.

Apparently, at exactly 2AM in late September, a 2.5 mile wide asteroid will smash into the west of Puerto Rico and will wreak devastation across all countries.

The ‘only refuge and protection’ from this ‘impending cataclysmic event’ is to be ‘prepared with Jesus Christ’. However, they do reassure us that it isn’t planned to be the end of the world, and not part of the judgement events described in the Book of Revelation. It is a cleansing of the current church, to prepare it for the Rapture.

A self-proclaimed prophet named Efrain Rodriguez has passed on his research to NASA, informing them of our impending doom. We bet that was one hell of an exciting day at NASA HQ.

They even have a Facebook page.

Check out their master-post about the claim (Warning: It’s really long):

And here is a video summarising the theory (Also very long):