The Genius App Lets Your Friends Virtually Walk You Home At Night



Walking home can be a nightmare. Like the Exorcist on steroids. We’re sure that many of you will be all too familiar with the “I’m home now” text but, finally, it looks like that’s a thing of the past!

Enter the new fancy Companion app! It’s basically Find My Friends, Whatsapp, a speedometer, pedometer and SOS phone mixed into one app.

So it works like this – If someone were to walk somewhere and not feel 100% safe, they can chose a ‘companion’ from their phone book who can track their movement on their way to their chosen destination. Upon arriving at said destination, the companion will be alerted.


But it get’s more complex than that…

The app lets you contact your friends or the police, with one tap. If you start running, have your headphones pulled out or you drop your phone, the app will check up on you. If you don’t respond in 15 seconds, it will alert your companions.