The Best Photos Of London Covered In A Thick Blanket Of Fog



There’s something about fog that makes everything around look eerily mystical. We’re not 100% sure why. Probably because it looks like some magic has come in to play but, you know… who cares? It looks cool.

Wonderful London fell victim to the lazy clouds only yesterday and, although it was a minor hazard, it was something to behold.

Although, however cool fog is, it does have its negatives. For a start, planes get all uppity about it and refuse to fly and secondly, people take to twitter and instagram to post pretentious photos with pseudo-intellectual captions and tacky filters…

But sometimes they’re alright. We’ve found you the best of our lovely London without all of the metaphors.

But if you hate fog, don’t worry. It’ll be gone by tomorrow… hopefully.

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