SeaWorld To Phase Out Killer Whale Shows In California



SeaWorld still showing off its collection of killer whales has been the bitter taste in everyone’s mouth this year and a couple of years before that.

But this, in part, is coming to an end as growing pressure from the public, media, and government have backed them into a corner.

This mainly comes after the release of the massively popular documentary “Black Fish” which told everyone that keeping a really big whale in an only slightly bigger tank is bad which, really, seems obvious but you know…

SeaWorld California have announced that the last Orca show will take place in 2017. This is partly down to, in October, Californian authorities prohibiting SeaWorld from breeding animals in captivity. And since they’re not allowed to capture any whales, it’s not exactly like they have a choice.


With its 11 theme parks across the U.S, SeaWorld recently reported a profit of $5.8million for April to the end of June which was down from $37.4million for the same period last year.

They did initially have plans to double the size of their enclosures to keep the pro-whale people happy but that father hit a dead-end when the California Coastal Commission ruled that they would only be allowed to expand their tanks if the company agreed to end its orca breeding program.

Just imagine this without the whale!

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Everyone would think those kids are weirdos!

So basically for SeaWorld, it was a lose-lose situation. On the other hand, with them finally giving up the whale gig, maybe they’ll get back their family friendly and fun status… maybe. Maybe people just go there for the whales. God knows customers aren’t flooding in world wide to look at their echinoderm collection.

The fight goes on

Although this is great news. There are still two other parks in the US, Texas and Florida, where the Orca displays will continue. We presume this is because they haven’t suffered the same breeding sanctions as in California, but there is no clear answer.

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