This Model Threw A Tantrum Because She Only Got 14 Likes On An Instagram



Life can be cruel sometimes. Loved ones die, disease hits and accidents happen. But all of this quite frankly pales in comparison to the tragedy that recently befell an Australian model on Instagram. 

It’s almost too terrible to tell. So take a deep breath, and prepare yourself.

Cassi Van Den Dungen posted an ‘inspirational’ quote to her profile. Say Yes To New Adventures.


This – erm – revolutionary notion that you shouldn’t say no to having fun, certainly made us sit down, and take a long, hard look at our own lives…

But Cassi’s followers weren’t all that inspired.

Not wanting Cassi to have new adventures (they obviously don’t believe that she’s allowed to have fun) the vast majority of them pondered long and hard (probably) and then made a fairly bold statement.

They didn’t like her photo.


Only 14 of her followers hit ‘like’ on her cliché – sorry, quote – and Cassi was not happy. She posted:

“After going away on an amazing holiday/road trip I come home to see my post on new adventures had only 14 likes…..The lowest amount I’ve ever had on Instagram…..

I have to say I’m pretty shocked because this, to me, either means that people A) don’t like me having new adventures, as if I’m not allowed fun, or B) it means people don’t like new adventures……. Either way, all I have to say to those people who didn’t like my post and don’t like having fun is ……YOU ALL SUCK!!!!! Adventures are fun and I’ll enjoy every one I have.”

Excuse us while we play the world’s tiniest violin. This, this is true suffering.

Oddly, Cassi’s followers didn’t respond well to being told that ‘they suck’, for the crime of not liking a sub-standard quotation, but luckily, the model found the strength to pretend that she had been joking.


She then posted a pretty lengthy message, arguing that she was only referring to “all the boring people who don’t enjoy doing anything, the party poopers, and the fun wreckers”.

Now, Cassi’s original post has 692 likes.

All is right in the world again. 


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