First Look Inside The Superjumbo Jet – The World’s Biggest Plane



Physics confuses us at the best of times, and we are seriously struggling to work out how this, now the world’s largest passenger plane, is going to get it’s enormous metal bum off the runway. 

Luxury airline Emirates have just launched their superjumbo – which can now hold over 600 passengers. They’ve ripped the first class section out of the A380 airbus, because, other than The Beckhams, who can afford those crazy prices anyway, and taken 18 of the flat-bed seats from business class.


In it’s place?  130 additional seats for us norms to sit in, and we’re guessing fewer bottles of champagne, meaning the plane can carry one hundred more passengers than their current fleet. That sounds like one heck of a squashy b.o fest, but Emirates has assured its customers that the seats will remain spacious and, at 13.3 inches, will also feature the widest in-flight entertainment screens.



The beast of a flying machine will make its first flight between Copenhagen and Dubai on December 1. It might carry the size of a small village, but we bet it beats flying Ryanair any day.