My Cat Just Turned One So We Made This Funny Photoshoot


Today we are celebrating 1 year with this lovely fellow! His name is Shere Khan and he is a Turkish Angora breed. One of the most powerful characters I have ever met! When sleeping he requires his own personal space, preferably the whole couch just for himself.

He is fluffy but he hates to cuddle. Just when feeling hungry, he becomes the most lovable cat in the world. It is hard to believe that a beast like him can have any feelings to share with others (that might have food of course). But he is very laid back and chill. You can find him most of the time when he is not hungry, you can find him sleeping, in weird positions, anywhere… In your backpack, on the fridge, on the wardrobe, on your chair… Anywhere but not in his cat bed.

Recently he made a new friend called Fred, a Persian descendant, orange, big like him. They love to play tag you’re it in the whole house at the most inappropriate hours. Double damage! But we love them! Enjoy!


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