Rescue Dogs Celebrate The New Year In A Very Fun Way


I photograph rescue dogs and the people that love (and adopt) them in my series Redemption Dogs. So far I have documented over 200 canine-human families.

For the New Year, I wanted to take a series of photos of owners jumping beside their dog in a fun celebratory way. Loosely inspired by Yuki Aoyama’s “Daughter & Salary Man” series, the dogs expressions as their owners jump are quite priceless.

From puppy mills to discarded race track dogs, these dogs come from an assortment of dodgy backgrounds – but not anymore. Second chances should be celebrated and these dogs are a perfect metaphor that the new year can bring awesome and wonderful things!

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Tara & Pizza

Missy & Richie

Mark & Marvin

Dayna & Oxen

Em & Jersey

Sandra & Sorina


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