McDonald’s Are Replacing Happy Meal Toys And They Should Make This Permanent



The joys of childhood – playing with “imaginary” friends so you didn’t have to put up with anyone else’s sh*t, taking six weeks holiday as standard and those tiny little toys that came in McDonald’s Happy Meals. 

Ahh, I’m so glad I can still revisit my childhood at any point by a visit to Maccas. Wait… they’re stopping putting toys amongst the fast food of the children of today? What has happened to this world if I can’t give my inner child a water pistol disguised as a Minion along with his chips, eh?

Don’t despair too much, because in place of the toys they will be giving away over 17 million books. You know, for reading and stuff. Teaming up with excellent charity ‘Reading Is Fundamental’, the fast food giants will be distributing titles including ‘Paddington’, ‘Happy Valentines Day, Little Mouse’ and ‘Clark The Shark Takes Heart’.


The books have been specially made to fit inside the box, measuring 4.5 inches by 5.5 inches. McDonald’s have previously given out books before, but are saying this will be their biggest giveaway to “help children discover the joys of reading” yet. OK, we’re coming round to the idea. Also, the books will be available for a two week period, before Macca’s returns to the toy game.

Should they make it a permanent switch? Tell us in the comments. 



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