A Mysterious ‘Error 53′ Message Seems To Be Destroying People’s iPhones



If you get a message on your iPhone (6 or 6 plus) citing error 53, it’s time to panic. 

It signals that you’re about to be frozen out of your phone – meaning any data you have on it that you might have wanted to keep will be inaccessible – and there’s little to no hope of fixing the problem.

It seems to have come with the latest IOS upgrade, and even the ‘geniuses’ at the Apple Store can’t seem to do anything about it.

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While for a long time, ‘error 53′ has been a mystery, Apple have finally confirmed to The Guardian that it’s related to the touch ID hardware – if the touch ID has been in any way altered (so, for example if you’ve had it repaired by someone other than Apple), you get error 53.

“We take customer security very seriously and Error 53 is the result of security checks designed to protect our customers. iOS checks that the Touch ID sensor in your iPhone or iPad correctly matches your device’s other components.

If iOS finds a mismatch, the check fails and Touch ID, including for Apple Pay use, is disabled. This security measure is necessary to protect your device and prevent a fraudulent Touch ID sensor from being used. If a customer encounters Error 53, we encourage them to contact Apple Support.”

So basically, any un-authorised meddling with the ‘home’ button can shut down your phone..This is all very well and good, but it’s going to make it difficult for people to get their phones repaired by anyone other than Apple..

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There’s also people reporting the message who haven’t had any third party repair work done to their iPhone, and have just in some way damaged the Touch ID button.

If you get the message, best to go to an Apple store, but the way things are looking, you might end up having to throw away your phone, and just buy a new one. 

Image Credits: Bubble AR, iPhone Informer, Hypebeast


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