Meet Mac, My Rescued Dog Who Is Afraid Of Watermelons


We adopted sailor in 2014 at the SPCA and decided to change his name to Mackenzie, Mac for short. We thought we’d get a calm, relaxed dog but I staid we got the craziest, derpiest dog I’ve ever seen. I’m guessing he’s a mix of Leonberger, Bernese and Rottweiler. He loves the snow, other dogs and pretty much everything (he is afraid of watermelon, don’t ask).

Dogs usually don’t love him back, since he always wants to play, he’s huge, running other dogs over and is extremely annoying. He won’t want to go outside unless one of us go with him, he always wants someone to be with. His favourite thing to do is to go hiking with the whole family In the mountains, preferably when there’s snow. Mac is my first dog, and I love him.

Mac gets in the car and stays there to make sure we bring him on our trips

Mac goes in the water with us to make sure we don’t drown, when we go under water he starts whimpering and panicking.

Mac loves the snow

Summer days he hides under the porch to cool off

He loves playing with rocks


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