Vets Reveal What Pets Do Right Before Death, And It’s A Must-Read For Every Pet Owner


There’s one thought, one image every pet owner is constantly running away from. Saying the last goodbye to your trusted companion. It’s inevitable, yet we act like we can put it away. Until we can’t and it creeps up on us, unprepared. But we should. Pet lover Jessi Dietrich recently asked her vet what the hardest part of his job was, and the thing he revealed about putting down pets instantly broke her. Jessi soon tweeted the unexpected answer and it went viral, generating over 140,000 likes and nearly 42,000 retweets. Scroll down to check out why so many owners are going about this whole thing the wrong way and don’t be surprised if you end up sobbing like the rest of the internet.

Saying the last goodbye to our loving pets is too painful to even think about

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But one vet recently shared a confession that reveals the heartbreaking truth, and every pet owner needs to read it

Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital has also shared a post written by a vet, where he encourages people not to abandon their pets when they need them the most

People were heartbroken

Some replies were from actual vets, too


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