Couple Spends $55,000 Customizing Their House To Give The Best Quality Of Life To 20 Senior And Special Needs Dogs


When looking to adopt a dog, many people turn away from disabled and elderly dogs. While it’s true that taking care of these pups can be difficult and expensive, people rarely consider how rewarding it truly is. After all, the love you get from a disabled or a senior pup is just as good as that of any other pup! Also, let’s not forget that they need a caring and loving human by their side more than anything. A couple based in Clifton Park, NY, Chris and Mariesa Hughes, knows it all too well. The pair are dog-parents to 20 doggos who are old and struggle with various health conditions.

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The pair runs a non-profit organization called The Mr. Mo Project. They recognized the need for such an organization after their senior pup, Mo, passed, leaving hefty vet bills behind. Knowing firsthand what it’s like to take care of elderly dogs, the pair knew how many of them are abandoned and surrendered to animal shelters just because their owners didn’t have the funds to help them. This realization prompted the opening of their own organization to make make sure that senior pups all around the country receive the proper care. “Senior dogs deserve the best for the rest of their lives. We believe that senior dogs deserve homes too!” The Mr. Mo Project writes on its website.

Chris and Mariesa have already saved hundreds of dogs from euthanasia, as well as helping them receive treatment and get adopted. However, the most special care goes to the 20 pups that are currently living in their home. To give them the best possible quality of life, the carers have already spent over $55,000 to customize their house.

The couple has bought a hydrotherapy pool for $30,000, which helps pups exercise. In addition to that, the couple got a custom king-sized bed for $5,000 so they could sleep with their pups. Their whole home is made dog-safe and friendly with ramps, floor mats, plastic sheets, and more. Clearly, a lot of thought and care was put into making the environment as comfortable as possible.

Is it hard to live with so many rescues? Well, sure, but they manage it well. “It is crazy living with 20 dogs, but we make it work as we have a great routine,” Chris said. The couple spends 45 minutes each morning feeding the bunch and giving them medication.

The biggest struggle comes with the vet bills. “We try and raise as much money as we can, but ultimately, if one dog needs $20,000 worth of treatment, we will pay for it on credit cards and worry about it later. There’s always a vet bill to pay, but we have learnt to get on with it and although it’s stressful, it’s all worth it,” Chris said.

Of you want to help them continue the good work, please visit their website for more information.

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