40 Hilarious Finalists Of The Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020


Prepare to have your mood lifted. We might be rushing further and further away from Summer and the world can be a dark place sometimes, but there’s always something to cheer us up. After a heated battle, the 2020 Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards have announced their 40 finalists. And they look absolutely hilarious!

Scroll down, upvote your fave photos, and let us know in the comments below which pics made you laugh the most and why, dear Pandas. Guaranteed to make you smile and chuckle? We certainly think so.

The competition, now in its second year, celebrates the positive effect that pets have on our lives and hopes to raise awareness around homeless pets in the United Kingdom. The competition was started by Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hicks, the founders of the world-famous Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Meanwhile, the sponsor of the competition is Mars Petcare which is raising funds for pet charity Blue Cross. Read on for Bored Panda’s interview with Sullam.

More info: ComedyPetPhoto.com | Mars.com | BlueCross.org.uk

'Guard Dog On Duty' By Elke Vogelsang

“What is it about dogs that makes us love them so much? Let’s admit it, they please us. They are great fun. They are gorgeous to look at, charming and cuddly. Their loveable, adoring nature appeals to us. They are loyal, protective, cheerful and altogether great company. Dogs give you all their attention. They can make the shiest people feel better about themselves. A recent study found that dog owners tend to be less lonely, less fearful and more extrovert than people without dogs.”

Elke Vogelsang / Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020 Report

Sullam told Bored Panda that the judging for the competition was “ridiculously” difficult. “The hardest thing is deciding which of all the funny dogs, funny cats, funny horses, etc. are the funniest of them all, when in fact so many images could have been finalists!” he complimented all of the entrants.

“We had to go underground individually, look at the images, and then come back with our own personal scoring,” Sullam gave us a sneak peek into how the judging process works. “It was gladiatorial once back together, but between us three (Michelle, Paul, and me) we managed to get it down to the top 40. It’s always difficult, it is always a little heartbreaking as so many great images don’t quite make it, but ultimately it is a decision that we cannot shirk!”

Entrants in the competition have a chance at winning 3k pounds and being named the 2020 Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photographer of the Year. The winners of the competition will be announced on November 24, so keep an eye out, dear Pandas!

The competition was massively successful: there were more than 2k entries from 81 different countries. Among them were photos of various pets: from lovable llamas and cute cats to gorgeous guinea pigs.

Sullam and Joynson-Hicks’ partnership with Mars Petcare is raising funds for pet welfare by donating 10 percent of the sponsorship fee and 10 percent of all entry fees to national pet charity Blue Cross, in order to help with its work rehoming pets and providing vet treatment and care.

Sullam and Joynson-Hicks will be judging the finalists along with Mars Petcare, the Blue Cross, as well as with wildlife TV presenter, writer, conservationist, and pet-lover Kate Humble.

“The entries this year have been completely and utterly what we needed to raise our spirits in 2020. It has been a tough year for many, but these images have not only made us laugh out loud, but also re-affirmed our desire to drastically reduce animal cruelty and pet orphanage. The positive movement created by this competition is so uplifting and hopefully, we can achieve a similar reaction from all who see this competition!” said Sullam.

'Squirrelll!!!' By Elke Vogelsang

“Noodles was rescued from a Spanish kill-shelter and brought to Germany, where she joined our family when she was eight months old. She is a Spanish sighthound (Galgo Espa) mix, 13 years old now (a bit younger in this picture) and still acting like a pup. She is the clown, sometimes overly motivated and clumsy, the eager-beaver, curious, friendly, open-minded, extremely funny if not unintentionally comic sometimes.”

Elke Vogelsang / Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020 Report

Meanwhile, Helen Warren Piper, General Manager at Mars Petcare UK had this to say: “Celebrating our pets is central to our business, and this competition has been hugely enjoyable to be a part of. The benefits of having a pet in the home have never been clearer, and we have loved seeing so many pet lovers sharing their amazing images. We’re delighted to be partnering with Blue Cross and in addition to the funds we are raising, we hope the competition will raise much-needed awareness for homeless pets in the UK.”

Tracy Genever, Judge, and Blue Cross Head of Education concluded: “We know the massive impact pets can have on our well-being and this joy and companionship is clear to see in all these pictures. I’m thrilled to be invited to join the finalist judging panel and can’t thank The Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards enough for choosing Blue Cross to support this year.”

If you’d like to lend a hand to The Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards in helping out the Blue Cross, you can make a donation right here.

'Living Trophy' By Antonio Peregrino

“This border collie lives on a farm and his name is FOFO. Always cheerful and playful, FOFO also likes to watch the movement on the farm and in this particular photo he is inside the stall of the horses with his head placed in a hole in the wall that gives access to the outside to see me and my cousins walking. I took advantage that I had my camera at the time and took the photo. I called this photo a living trophy because it reminded me of a sad culture that we humans have in killing animals and putting their heads on walls. FOFO proves how much more beautiful, healthy and happy it is for us humans to appreciate free and living animals.”

Antonio Peregrino / Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020 Report

'Saint Pauls Cap' By Alex Class

“I’ve always been keen on architectural photography, on leading lines, on creative perspectives. I had a walk around London with Kyte and his owners. Kyte is a lovely 9 year old weimaraner.  I had been eying up this spot for a while and just waiting for the right face to wear Saint Paul’s cupola.”

Alex Class / Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020 Report

'The Funny Amorgos Donkey' By Boris Purmann

“2016 at the greek Island Amorgos. We  hiked from Aegiali to Langada and I made some Pics with my Mobile of a Donkey Group. In the last Picture it looks like that the Donkey was friendly and smiling to us. So I realise that I have to make more of this. In 2019 we meet the Donkey Owners, they have a nice Tavern in Langada TAVERNA LOUDAROS and they told us the name of the Donkeys. From righti to left: Sister Nefeli, Mother Floredia and SOSO!”

Boris Purmann / Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020 Report

'Hold On Tight! We're Running Late' By Karen Hoglund

“Dani, the puppy, hangs on for her life when Gabby is at the wheel. (The car wasn’t actually moving so it wasn’t really scary.) We intended to take a photo of the dogs looking at the camera but both pups looked forward instead which was much funnier!  Just to be on the safe side, we kept both dogs on leashes. What you can’t see in these photos is my husband crouched down in the back seat, holding both dogs leashes. He is such a good sport!”

Karen Hoglund / Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020 Report

'Poodle Chaos' By Darren Hall

” This is Ted the Poodle. Ted loves his ball more than anything. You can probably tell by his expression in this photo that Ted’s ball is the most exciting thing in the world to him. This image was taken in Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne. I used a hand held flash to light Ted as he scrambled through the leaves to get his ball.”

Darren Hall / Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020 Report

'I'm Down Here, Human!' By Elke Vogelsang

“My Noodles again. As said, she’s is the funniest dog you could possibly imagine. Always with her humans, always ready for some mischief and adventures.  Noodles likes:  chasing a ball (or any activity that involves running, jumping, catching) rolling in waste oil and petrol (yes, our little pit babe is a special girl) any kind of entertaining interaction with humans (she is more like a shepherd or collie, always asking for brain work or physical challenges) emptying the trash can and spreading the contents on the kitchen floor (there might be a drop of yoghurt or a bread crumb left somewhere) exploring (she is always on a mission. Sometimes I have to rescue her. She squeezes her clumsy body into every cave or hole, every sewer tunnel, etc.) Noodles dislikes:  rain (she once lay flat on the ground under a projecting roof, refusing to go any further, because it was raining. Well, the surrounding people had a good laugh. Glad to make people happy.) having to stay home (when we would like to take one of the two others for a walk she tries to push past us to get outside before us and lie down flat on the ground to protest against being left at home. She also showed this kind of passive resistance when she was new and young and didn’t want to go by car. She just lay flat on the ground refusing to move at all.) having to be patient.”

Elke Vogelsang / Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020 Report

'Goat Relax Time' By Robert Prat

“We have a goat in our house, she lives in the garden. One day we saw that she was playing with the hammock, she put  put the front paws on top , it was very funny.  A few days later, we got home and we realized she was completely inside the hammock! we gave her some leaves to take the photo better.”

Robert Prat / Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020 Report

Good Morning, Fox Mulder!' By Ayden Brooks

“Our cat, Fox Mulder, AKA Squishy, Little Squishy Guy, Squishface, Squish, Foxy, loves to spread himself out on his back when he sleeps. He likes to sleep anywhere including in the middle of a room on a rug or even on the wood floor. I love to take photos of him because he is so cute and funny. I caught him as he was waking up from a nap and yawning.”

Ayden Brooks / Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020 Report


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